Absorbance measurements

Recommend additional tests

Non-specific molecules detection

Absorbance measurements made on a spectrophotometer will include the absorbance of all molecules in the sample that absorb at the wavelength of interest. Nucleic acids exhibit an absorbance maximum at 260nm ; proteins exhibit a maximum at 280nm ; absorption at 230nm can be caused by contamination with some organic compounds.

To test for molecule presence in a test tube, we fill it with Milli-Q water, then vortex it to extract residues from all possible surfaces. We then measure the absorbance of the solution with a microplate reader and compare it with fresh Milli-Q water. Results are presented here for A280 only. No contaminants were observed after our reconditioning process for A260 and A230 either.

Before reconditioning

Consumables previously used for manipulating blood or cells lead to a solution with a higher absorbance at 280, 260 and 230nm than milli-Q water. This indicates the presence of contaminants.

After reconditioning

At the end of our cleaning process, all consumables lead to a solution having an absorbance value similar to the one of Milli-Q water at 280, 260 and 230nm. This suggests that our cleaning process is effective to get rid of a variety of contaminants.